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A non devient australia in accordence

Education As noted earlier in this paper, development of clear educational pathways and support mechanisms has been recognised for some time overseas, and more recently in Australia, as essential in ensuring that practice nurses are able to continue to enhance the quality of care delivered in a general practice setting.

So the reality of practice nurses currently not being prepared to meet the A non devient australia in accordence requirements of the nurse working in the general practice team of the future [66] needs to be addressed as a priority in the ongoing development of this nursing specialty.

The norm has been however, that general practice specific clinical education for practice nurses has traditionally been obtained on the job.

While there have been some clinical educational programs available to assist practice nurses to improve clinical care skills, many of these have not been accredited or evaluated.

This situation is gradually changing with the introduction of short and targeted accredited courses, in the manner of those offered by the APNA. Likewise, formal tertiary clinical education initiatives, such as those supported by the ADGP and other divisions of general practice, have been introduced to encourage nurses to view practice nursing as a viable career option.

The University of the Sunshine Coast and the Sunshine Coast Division of General Practice for example have developed graduate certificates in general practice nursing.

These include access to study leave, protected learning time and funding for continuing education. However, as with clinical skills, it has been usual that most practice nurses acquired their expertise in administration, integration and other activities incidentally.

This lack of specific skills is, to some extent, being addressed. The University of New England, for example, has introduced a nurse leadership program which aims to develop the leadership skills of practice nurses to enable their effective involvement in the planning and delivery of primary care services and the development of their profession.

More needs to be done to refine practice nurse training. The Report concludes, as is also noted throughout this paper, that practice nursing needs to be general practice specific and that it needs to be offered as a career option.

It iterates also that practice nursing education for the future should promote clinical and theoretical competence through appropriate standards of assessment. General practitioners can receive Continuing Professional Development CPD points for attending workshops, seminars, presentations and short courses as well as for the completion of more rigorous academic courses and clinical education modules.

The program assists practice nurses in identifying, completing and recording job specific learning. There is currently no CPD national registration requirement for nurses as there is for general practitioners, but the APNA notes that states and territories are gradually moving towards this option.

A non devient australia in accordence

Consumer perceptions For practice nurses to become an unquestioned and integral part of the general practice environment, patients need to understand that nurses are autonomous qualified health professionals. Ina University of South Australia study found that patients were largely unaware of the role nurses played, or could play in general practice.

Patients understandings of the role for nurses in this setting was particularly informed by their view of general practice as sickness care a system they accessed when they needed a specific service for their ill health or injury rather than a system for preventative health care.

Patients were generally unaware of the various levels of nursing qualifications, registration or specialities. They were firmly of the view that the use of nursing services in general practice should not increase costs to consumers.

The University of South Australia study recommended a number of strategies to begin to achieve these gaols, including general practitioners brokering of attitudinal change with regard to the contribution practice nurses can make to enhanced primary care.

It appears the NiGP Initiative has made some contribution to changing these attitudes. As noted elsewhere in this paper, the Initiative has raised the profile of practice nurses and demonstrated the potential that this profession has to improve patient outcomes.

But consumer education most likely needs to be ongoing and more innovative as the role of practice nursing expands in the future.

The study will spend three years examining the roles of nurses in general practice. Researchers expect the study will deliver a better understanding of the processes and work practices of general practice nurses. The study will consider local, individual and structural factors that influence the work of practice nurses.

It intends also to examine the ways in which practice nurses contribute to the overall safety and quality of general practice services.

A non devient australia in accordence

In addition, other studies have been funded under the National Competitive Grants Scheme to explore the potential of expanded roles for nurses in general practice. These include a grant to the University of Queensland over three years from to consider the feasibility, acceptability and cost effectiveness of nurse led models of chronic disease management in general practice.Dentevents is the event organising arm of Main Street Publishing Pty Ltd, publishers of Australasian Dental Practice, Auxiliary and eLABORATE magazines.

About Dentevents Dentevents is the event organising arm of Main Street Publishing Pty Ltd, publishers of Australasian Dental Practice, Auxiliary and eLABORATE magazines.

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