Avoiding it alignment

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Avoiding it alignment

As in any other arena, there are certain words that strike cold in the hearts of teachers and principals.

Avoiding the Alignment Trap in IT

Never, ever, say your child is bored in school. When educators hear a child is bored, it means something else entirely to them.

They may think they see a spoiled child, a child who does not respect quiet time and freedom, a child who does not respect hard Avoiding it alignment and long term goals, or a child who sees nothing to do in school because he is not prepared to learn the material being presented.

But when our children say they are bored in school, they mean something altogether different.

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Bored, for a gifted child, is better described as frustration with the lack of progress. Repetition is a part of learning, parents and educators agree, but research shows gifted children need far less repetition than most students.

Once a gifted child has shown mastery of grade level concepts, or worse, mastery of concepts grades beyond their current level, then what is the value of more repetition? The gifted child realizes quickly that B follows A, or even further, that C, D, and E come quickly after.

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He understands inherently why this is, how each step works, and he wants, and needs to continue his progress. She must proceed from A, to B, to C, and so on, with many repetitions at each step, to reinforce the progression.

This is not progress for a gifted child, it is torture. Other terms to describe our kids situation include "under-challenged," "special needs" or "special learning needs. But many folks resent the implication that our kids are as deserving as special education kids at the other end of the spectrum.

The problem is, they are! And the sad truth is that the special needs of our kids are FAR less expensive in the education system than many other special needs children. But they are far less likely to get what they need than other special needs children. Remember, boring is not bored Sometimes this distinction gets us, and our kids, in a bit of confusion.

But then there is boring.

Avoiding it alignment

Some things we must learn are boring. Learning math facts, whether addition, subtraction, times or division, is just plain boring. There are ways to perk them up a bit for some kids visit Multiplication for some ideas, free websites, toys, songs and other products, to help but in the long run, memorizing them is just plain boring.

And it still has to be done! Read Why Memorize Math Facts? And as Nike says, Just Do It! So be careful not to mix up bored and boring. Yes, boring material can be But it has to be done, eventually. Earlier is usually better than later.

And this is not what we need to rescue our children from. We need to rescue them from bored, not boring. And research shows this alignment is appropriate, whether its in one subject or an entire grade level, if it puts the child in an educationally appropriate placement. Acceleration is not just skipping a grade level, in a subject or the whole grade.

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Phono Cartridge Alignment Tool. $20 We have many different alignment tools: for 12 inch records, with Berwald and Lofgren-B Geometries, and also a special alignment tool for 7 inch records - in three versions. SaaS customer alignment means aligning the goals and actions of the SaaS customer with the goals and actions of the SaaS business at every stage of the SaaS customer lifecycle.

This is the first post in a series that explores the importance of SaaS customer alignment. Aug 22,  · The seasoned veteran I consulted is Mark Uhrmacher, most recently CTO and founder of ideeli, the Internet fashion retailer that .

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