Briefly write about glow-discharge atomization diffusers

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Briefly write about glow-discharge atomization diffusers

The invention claimed is: A mist generator comprising: The mist generator according to anyone of claims 1 and 2, wherein the means for discharging the mist outside includes means for detecting a concentration of the mist provided in a mist discharging passage, and instant air flow generating means that is driven upon detecting that the mist concentration becomes higher than a predetermined concentration.

The mist generator according to anyone of claims 1 and 2, wherein the means for discharging the mist outside includes means for heating an inside of the ultrasonic reflection tube, or a mist discharging passage coupled with the tube.

A mist discharge producing apparatus comprising: The mist discharge producing apparatus according to claim 5, wherein the ultrasonic convergence and reflection mechanism is a concave mirror.

TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention relates to a mist generator for discharging a mist containing chemicals which are used in lives, such as perfumes, medicines, fungicides, and deodorizers, using ultrasonic waves, and a mist discharge producing apparatus using the mist generator.

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Note that, in the present invention, the mist generator shall include apparatuses for atomizing or evaporating a liquid, and apparatuses for discharging the mist. In recent years when people are subjected to various stress, fragrance generators using an ultrasonic mist generator attract attention as products for giving people healing.

Generally, while an element with a piezo-electric effect or a magnetostrictive effect is used for an ultrasonic transducer used for the mist generator, there are element structures to be used, one has a cantilevered suspension structure, namely, one tip of the vibrator is fixed, and the other tip thereof is vibrated at high speed while contacting it to a liquid; and the other one has a structure in which the element is vibrated in a thickness direction while surroundings of the element being supported, like a disk type vibrator.

As an example of the former cantilevered suspension structure, a structure in which a liquid is retained in a liquid retaining material such as small a sponge, and the vibration point is contacted to the liquid retaining material to thereby generate the mist is disclosed in a fragrance generator of Japanese Published Examined Application Hei.

Various aromas can be generated, if a plurality of liquid retaining materials for retaining various perfume liquids are prepared to make them contact with the vibration point.

In the case of the cantilevered suspension structure, however, since it is difficult to vibrate the vibration point at high frequency, particle diameters of the generated mists are apt to be large and uneven. The mists with large particle diameters disperse around the circumference of the apparatus without evaporating, thus causing a problem leading to contaminations.

Additionally, there are problems that an amount of atomization per unit time is small since the contact portion is small, production thereof is difficult since a contact mechanism portion between the tip of the ultrasonic transducer and the liquid retaining portion requires high accuracy, and the mechanism portion is easily degraded.

For this reason, there are few examples commercialized as home use. Meanwhile, an apparatus for generating the mist by ultrasonically vibrating the liquid at high speed while putting the disk type ultrasonic transducer in a liquid storage is disclosed, for example in an ultrasonic atomizing apparatus of Japanese Unexamined Patent Publication Kokai No.

Since it is possible to vibrate the vibrator at a high frequency over 1 MHz, the particle diameters of the mists can be made extremely small.


Considering applications to the fragrance generators, it will be an apparatus with excellent smell characteristics because of an easy evaporation of the perfume. In the disk type ultrasonic transducer driven at the high frequency, however, the ultrasonic waves reflect on the surface of the element once the liquid stops existing in the plane of vibration, causing a problem that the ultrasonic transducer itself generates heat to increase a temperature thereof.

In the case of a piezoelectric device, if the temperature of the element exceeds a predetermined temperature, a piezoelectric polarization characteristic thereof will be degraded, or the element itself will be broken to be destroyed.

Although it also depends on materials, the polarization is degraded when the element temperature is about 80 degrees Centigrade or more, and it may be destroyed about degrees Centigrade or more. There are similar problems also in the element utilizing the magnetostrictive effect.

Hence, the ultrasonic transducer driven at a high frequency is commonly used in such a way that the sufficient liquids may always exist on the plane of vibration. In other words, since there is a risk that the ultrasonic transducer may be destroyed, the mist generator for atomizing a small amount of liquid by the ultrasonic waves with a high frequency has not been well studied so far in the field of household articles.

Many ultrasonic mist generators commercialized as home use now usually atomize water or one type of perfume-containing liquid.

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In addition, most of the systems atomize the liquid for atomization in a condition where it is sufficiently supplied on the ultrasonic transducer. However, even when one type of aroma is discharged for a long time, people stops feeling the aroma shortly since they have smell adaptive characteristics, so that an expensive perfume becomes useless easily.

When a perfume that is strong in physiological influence is used, there may also arise a problem which is not preferable on healthy.

briefly write about glow-discharge atomization diffusers

Moreover, since the conventional ultrasonic mist generator is hard to be cleaned because of its structure, remaining perfume tends to contaminate the inside of the apparatus when using a perfume-containing liquid.

It has hardly spread as a whole because of such a maintenance problem. Hereinafter, it will be described that what kind of technical problems there are in the conventional mist generators that use the high frequency ultrasonic transducer using specific examples.

A cross section at the dashed line Sec in FIG. In the same figure, reference numeral 13 is a liquid container, reference numeral 21 is a liquid storage, reference numeral 40 is an ultrasonic transducer, reference numeral 79 is an air blower mechanism, and symbol S is a liquid level sensor.

An operation thereof will be described briefly. In the same figure, a perfume-containing liquid Wa in the liquid container 13 flows into the liquid storage 21, and is kept at a water level of T1. T1 is decided by a position height of a liquid outlet 14 of the liquid container I will continue briefly with the further moves I made as it gives me the opportunity to look back at Banbury with a different perspective.

briefly write about glow-discharge atomization diffusers

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I will continue briefly with the further moves I made as it gives me the opportunity to look back at Banbury with a different perspective. Strong links with universities and other centres of excellence meant that we could recruit top quality people internationally.

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