Goa birds

Nights at the camp can be cool. The former Portuguese enclave of Goa, running for some 65 miles alongside the Arabian Sea on the west coast of India, has rapidly established itself as one of the premier winter birding destinations for European birders.

Goa birds

Those who visit India for the first time to watch the endemic birds of tropical rainforests are coming here, to Goa.

GOA – Romance with Birds (10th to 13th Nov, ) – Nature India

The best place to watch the birds is the foothills of the Western Ghats. Many tourists come back to Goa with entire lists of bird species which they want to see.

Just inside a week you can see and watch a huge variety of birds that inhabit Goa. Locations for bird watching If you want to watch the birds just because you got tired from the beach, then go to Baga, Sinquerim or Dona Paula.

As the bird watching activity in Goa becomes more and more popular type of time spending among tourists of different ages, many resorts and hotels have started to organize special excursions to bird watching locations.

You will be offered services of a local guide who knows the best places in Goa for bird watching and can even name you all the bird spices that inhabit Goa.

Many taxi drivers are ready to bring tourists to inhabitations of the most interesting bird species. If you want combine the beach holiday and bird watching, then Baga resort is the best place to do this.

Often you can even watch these birds in parks and hotel gardens. The flood plain meadows are inhabited by open-billed storks, ibises, lapwings, plovers, herons, warblers, wagtails and pipits. The most common species in Baga are the Malabar lark bunting and gray-hooded buntings.

On the beaches and marshes you can meet the color snipes, brown bitterns, ibises and kingfishers. The local beach is a home for sea turtles which are nesting here paying no attention onto the hotels and tourist centers located nearby.

Historical places, national parks and bird watching activities Do you like to visit historical places and ancient fortresses? Well, and what about watching birds from there? The Aguada Fortress, which is located 8 km from Baga resort, is not only a historical attraction but also a perfect place to watch birds.

Near the fortress, in the nearby located forests, you can enjoy the wild life of pittas.

Bird Watching Locations in Goa

Besides, there are lots of birds that inhabit the swamps and fields along the road that leads directly to the fortress, so this place is really unique one for bird watching. Here you can meet the sparrows, kingfishers, sandpipers, snipes, herons and barbets. On the trees you can see owls, shrikes, flycatchers, barbets and finches.

During the boat trips on the river Zuari you can meet not only crocodiles but also the representatives of local birds such as kingfishers, darters, storks and ibises. The best place to watch the waterbirds is the Lake Carmbolim which is located southeast from Old Goa.

This place is inhabited by storks, ibises, herons, gulls, European pochards, local and migratory ducks, jacanas, mullets, pratincoles and sandpipers.

These places are inhabited by birds of tropical rainforests such as owlet-nightjars, Malabar gray and mottled hornbills, wood pigeons, small birds of paradise, Malabar trogons, Malabar crested larks, Malabar bluebirds, scimitar babbler and other unique and interesting birds.

Goa birds

At night you can see the owls and nightjars. We recommend you to stay at one of the camps or tourist complexes located in this area. In South Goa the Cotigao wildlife sanctuary located near the Palolem Beach is one of the most attractive places for bird watching.

Here you can enjoy watching the endemic for the Western Ghats species of birds. Many birds can be seen on fruit plantations of Ponda, Bicholim and Satari.

Best time for bird watching The best time for bird watching in Goa is the early morning, when you can make an unforgettable journey right directly to the wild nature. For this purpose we recommend you to choose the Fairline Squadron 42 yacht which is a two-cabin flybridge boat with a comfy saloon, an open-plan galley, a large cockpit and an innovative launching system for the tender.

You can rent the yacht for 3 hours just for bird watching or for whole day to combine this gnostical time spending with romantic, full of unforgettable impressions journey along the Goa coast.

Goa birds

Yacht on hire in Goa.Goa (India) - exploring the coastal strip and staying in a unique camp in the Western Ghats. SAMPLE WILDLIFE an excellent introduction to Indian birds, of many habitats, our . Hi, great pics, have already seen several, the white bellied sea eagle is particularly stunning.

we have an area of paddis locally (siolim near the big white church called the market) where first thing in the morning, it seems like hundreds of birds come out of the white mist and it is quite magical and mesmerising.

thanks for the easy reference. Birding in Goa offers an opportunity to sight an amazing diversity of resident birds and also find a variety of Western Palearctic species. Nine of the sixteen species of Western Ghats endemic birds have also been reported from Goa.

September 12, General bird festival, bird watching, birds, goa, goa birding festival, goa birds Ramya Naresh Calling all bird-lovers, bird-watchers and bird photography enthusiasts. Goa is the place to be from the 11th of November to the 13th of November.

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Goa's wildlife sanctuaries boast of more than documented species of plants, over species of birds, over 48 kinds of animals and over 60 genera of reptiles. [37] Goa is .

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