Library and information science research papers

The common ground between library science and information science, which is a strong one, is in the sharing of their social role and in their general concern with the problems of effective utilization of graphic records.

Library and information science research papers

Despite their unceasing presence, predatory journals appear to no longer draw the attention of researchers. Their methods of luring authors have evolved, but they seem to lure fewer authors, with the vast majority of such authors coming from developing countries.

Library and information science research papers

This article uses the invasive species and adaptive cycle concepts from ecology to analyze the trends and possible evolution of predatory journals. Calls for papers received directly or present on the Web, dedicated scientific websites, and social media posts were the primary sources of data used in the analysis.

Results of the trend analysis suggest that predatory journals have exhausted the potential of past methods to lure authors and are now at a stage of reinventing themselves; for example, transforming into proofreading services. As a system, they are now approaching the creative destruction stage, and as a species they seem to have occupied their niche, relying on authors from the developing countries.

Library & Information Science Research

The ecological analogy provides a theoretical base for understanding and predicting the behavior of predatory journals. In the modern competitive age, reading is the cornerstone for success in all academic disciplines.

Library and information science research papers

The study sought to find out the literature reading habits and preferences of adolescent students, and the promotional tactics of authors to attract these students towards reading.

The data was collected in the Delhi Public School, Srinagar in India, from students of 11th and 12th classes gradesaged between years.

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A questionnaire survey was administered to students who were systematically sampled. Adolescents have varied tastes in reading. Fiction is the most preferred genre of literature read by respondents, followed by non-fiction. However, girls have a greater preference for fiction compared to boys.

Similarly boys have a greater preference for non-fiction compared to girls. Pearson and Spearman correlation coefficients were calculated to test hypotheses for association between the four journal quality metrics. Hence, academics and researchers in water resources can use the SJR, ES and H5 indicators as alternatives to JIF for evaluation and judgment of scientific journals in the area.Library & Information Science Research, a cross-disciplinary and refereed journal, focuses on the research process in library and information science as well as research findings and, where applicable, their practical applications and significance..

All papers are subject to a double-blind reviewing process. Types of paper The journal welcomes full-length manuscripts, research agenda, and reviews. Research paper topics in library and information science A systematic approach is best when undertaking research in library and information science.

Not only should you have an in-depth knowledge of major themes in the area, you should also be aware of current research methods and topics of influence, such as library systems, cooperation. Library and information science.

Discover high-impact journals, award-winning books and eBooks and online solutions. Browse the catalog of books and journals. A total of research articles, published from to in three major journals of library and information science (LIS), are analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively in order to address some recurring themes about research method selection and application in the scholarly domain.

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