New moon essay

New moon, tells a dramatic story of passionate and irrevocable love between a human - Bella Swan - and a vampire - Edward Cullen. Unlike in Twilight, this books turns into a real horror at its start.

New moon essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Reynold Bassant, lecturer for Comparative Literature. The book which was carefully selected is New Moon, it was written by Stephanie Meyer, one of the most promising new authors of this century.

After mass circulation and the sale of two million copies, the book became the New York Times Number One bestseller for It was later published in soft cover by First Media Tie in September As a sequel to The Twilight Saga, New Moon is now a major motion picture which has received numerous accolades.

Even though this saga comes in four parts- Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, I chose to do this review on the second saga because it best documents the sacrifices, heartaches and forgiveness one faces in the trials of true love and friendship.

What makes the book even more exciting is the fact that Meyer chooses to weave this web of friendship with a mortal human, a wolf boy and a year-old vampire. I find the book intriguing because Meyer has created an amazing hybrid of romance, tragedy and adventure wrapped between the covers of this exciting sequel.

The main characters of the New moon essay are Bella Swan, a year-old high school student, her childhood friend and werewolf Jacob Black and Edward Cullen, a mind-reading vampire.

She promptly falls in love with Edward.

New moon essay

Meanwhile, Jacob is a proud descendant of the Quileutes Indian tribe who lives in a reservation called La Push. He and several other Quileutes are honour bound to protect the town from blood thirsty vampires. Because of this both Edward and Jacob are mortal enemies and Bella is trapped in between her star-crossed supernatural love for Edward and her genuine friendship with Jacob.

The villains of the book are Victoria, a revengeful vampire, and the ancient Volturi vampire family who uphold law and order among their immortal clan. Alice is psychic who has an uncanny ability to predict the future.

Her skill weaves a hypnotic thrill of suspense as she sets the pace for the various scenes in the book.

New moon essay

Jasper can control moods with his mind while Emmett has brute strength. Rosalie is considered the most beautiful of the group while Esme is the glue that holds the family together. New Moon is undeniably a suspense thriller.

Most of the scenes take place at Forks, at the La Push Indian reservation, located a few miles away, the town of Port Angeles and finally at Italy where the Volturi clan resides. But in the second chapter when Jasper attempts to attack Bella, Edward becomes concerned and decides to leave Bella so that she could enjoy her human life with someone from her own clan.

He makes the ultimate sacrifice knowing that Bella could never fit into his world. When Edward leaves, Bella spends three months as a mere shadow of her former self.

She becomes introverted and it was only when Charlie decides to send her back to Jacksonville with her mother that she decides to visit Jacob. She gives him two motorbikes to repair and starts spending all her afternoons at the Reservation.

She becomes dependant on his voice in her head. When she jumps off a cliff to skydive, Alice gets a vision and Edward believes that Bella had committed suicide. Unable to live with himself, he goes to the Volturi hoping that they can end his life.

Edward decides to reveal himself to Italians knowing that the ultimate penalty for such exposure would be death. She manages to stop him before he commits the act. But the Volturi captures them both. They eventually release Bella and Edward after they both confess their love.

They are allowed to leave only when Edward promises to change Bella into a vampire. When they return home, Jacob is broken hearted because he had fallen in love with Bella and cannot believe that she would return to Edward after he rejected her.

The book shows the trials of sacrifice and the tragedy of love, especially love that is star-crossed.“New Moon” by Stephenie Meyer Essay Sample “New Moon” is the second book in the “Twilight” saga following “Twilight.” Written by Stephenie Meyer, it is the story of Bella Swan and her love for the vampire, Edward Cullen.

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New Moon Essays and Research Papers was more detailed. For the most part the movie was close to the book. New Moon is narrated in first person by Bella and has an. “New Moon” by Stephenie Meyer Essay Sample “New Moon” is the second book in the “Twilight” saga following “Twilight.” Written by Stephenie Meyer, it is the story of .

A new moon essay should be well written as the subject is of interest to the readers. New moon essays are written taking into account that this period is widely considered to be one of power and magic. New Moon Essay - New Moon by Stephenie Meyer This book was quite suspenseful.

While the series is known as being mainly romantically-based, New Moon contains a great deal of mystery. New Moon - When the Moon is roughly in the same direction as the Sun, its illuminated half is facing away from the Earth, and therefore the part that faces us is all dark: we have the new moon.

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