Nirma vs surf excel

Yet, a few brands of India reinvented the advertisement space long before the internet made everything and anything common.

Nirma vs surf excel

List of Top fabric care brands in India

India has a huge fabric care market. There are different brands operating in the market. The statistics available about the fabric care market in India are somewhat puzzling. Indian Fabric Care Market The fabric care market of India can be categorized into the following segments: Softeners, stain removers, and so on Post wash: List of Top fabric care brands in India For majority of homemakers, guaranteeing the comfort of their households is of paramount significance.

The top fabric care brands in India always take this into consideration.

Nirma vs surf excel

Some of the popular fabric care brands are mentioned below: Procter and Gamble Procter and Gamble is a known name in the fabric care market of India.

Previously, it was known as Hindustan Lever Limited. Comfort is a world renowned brand, which has originated in the United Kingdom in This fabric conditioner has been invented by HUL to not only revive the garments but also make the user experience that he is protected.

The Comfort Conditioner is used to make the garments gentle and perfumed and also preserves the color of the clothing even after a number of washes. As a result, millions of women depend on Comfort Fabric Conditioner throughout the world, which makes it the biggest brand of fabric conditioner in the globe.

Important facts and figures about Comfort Fabric Conditioner Given below are some key facts and figures about Comfort Fabric Conditioner: The fabric conditioner has posted global sales of more than million Euro or about Rs.

Comfort ranks as the numero uno in 14 of the 23 nations where it is available. Comfort is available in two varieties and they are as follows: Despite the fact that the brand was commenced in the beginning oflately the brand started making its presence in the media.

Marico Marico is a major company in India, offering consumer goods and services in the segments of beauty and health. It is headquartered in Mumbai. The company is famous for its Revive fabric whitener.

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Jyothi Laboratories Ltd is headquartered in Mumbai. It had earmarked a significant amount of money to take over a number of regional fabric care brands. From the time of its inception, Jyothi Laboratories has been aiming small regional brands in the pre and post wash segment of the fabric care market in India.

Jyothi Laboratories has been involved in exploring brands which may turn out to be countrywide brands in due course. The flagship brand of Jyothi Laboratories has been Ujala and it has chosen sports icon Sachin Tendulkar as its brand ambassador to generate additional sales.

Previously, Jyothi Laboratories had taken over Ruby and Morelight - two fabric whitener brands both of them were taken over at under Rs 20 crore and has enhanced the sales of these two brands. Nirma Nirma is a major player in the Indian fabric care market whose forte lies in detergents and soaps.

Nirma vs surf excel

Nirma offers the following types of products in the fabric care segment:However in 's Surf suffered huge losses at the hands of a new and small firm, Nirma Chemicals. Nirma was launched in and its primary focus was to create a . Nirma dominates the regional markets. The company will also reduce the prices of Tide by 50 per cent to Rs 10 for a gm pack and by 46 per cent to Rs 23 for a gm pack.

HLL entered India in and was the undisputed leader in detergent space. Surf was the most selling detergent in India. However in 's Surf suffered huge losses at the hands of a new and small firm, Nirma Chemicals.

Surf Excel products in the market are Surf Excel Blue, Surf Excel Quick Wash, Surf Excel Automatic and Surf Excel Detergent Bar. Ariel Ariel, a product of Procter and Gamble (P&G), was introduced in India in the year Detergent powder Nirma detergent powder tags oriental insurance national insurance Detergent powder Nirma detergent powder united india insurance hanover insurance group inc national insurance exam dates liberty mutual insurance kennel club insurance the hanover insurance group inc state compensation insurance fund national insurance company.

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