Solution of ecological imbalance

Biotic parts such as plants, animals and bacteria etc. Abiotic parts such as the soil, air, water etc. Ecology is a branch of science that was developed by scientist to make the study easier about the relationship between biotic things and their physical environment which is the abiotic factors — and ecosystem is part of the concept of ecology in an organized view of nature. This zone reaches about 10 km into the atmosphere and down to the lowest ocean floor.

Solution of ecological imbalance

Ricky and Varsha Kej with the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi reviews Shanti Samsara is an international gift of music to celebrate the unequalled gifts of mother nature - love this music - as you would your own mother.

From vocals originating in South Africa to the bamboo flute of India, this Solution of ecological imbalance is the soundtrack of Mother Nature.

It is an echo of our environment, reminding us that the health of our planet is the most important gift to our children. Shanti Samsara is an idea as beautiful as the planet they set out to celebrate and protect MacKenzie Bezos Award-Winning Novelist In order to purify the environment we have to purify the mind.

He spoke passionately about how humans must re-learn to treat the earth with respect in order to bequeath a healthier planet to our future generations.

He wanted to share this view with the world and con ded to Kej that he would do just that by delivering a speech at the COP 21, a landmark Climate Change conference organized by the United Nations in Paris in December Modi had an inspired message and in Kej - who is a long time conservationist, he found a talented and receptive messenger.

Not only did they want to promote awareness of the environment in India but also around the world.

Solution of ecological imbalance

Modi suggested that the album should emphasize inclusivity and incorporate di erent people and cultures. Kiribati Kiribati In Decembernegotiators from around the world gathered in Paris at the United Nations COP21 conference, aimed at creating a binding agreement for countries of the world to decrease their greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the world leaders speaking at the plenary session was Anote Tong, three-time president of the endangered Pacific island nation of Kiribati, whose three minute speech called for bold action to address climate change. In AprilKej and longtime collaborator, Sairam Sagiraju and his crew braved the nearly three days of ights and layovers to reach Kiribati from Bangalore.

For millennia, the people of Kiribati have lived in an island paradise.

A Pattern Language of Sustainability

Beginning at its source high in the Himalayas, the mighty Ganga, ows for around 2, km before emptying to the Bay of Bengal. It is also home to some of the rarest creatures and species of India and the planet, including the Ganges River Dolphin, the critically endangered Gharial crocodile, the Barasinghas swamp deer and Royal Bengal Tigers.

Human elephant Conflict Human elephant Conflict India has been synonymous with her majestic elephants since time immemorial. Ancient Indian writings speak about the beauty, loyalty and intelligence of this majestic creature.

We still continue to worship them and cherish them.

Shanti Samsara | Ricky Kej

With just an estimated 30, elephants left in the wild, there is a dire need for holistic solutions to be implemented. In Januarywildlife photographer Amoghavarsha and Ricky Kej travelled to the Bandipur Forest, kms from his hometown, Bangalore.

Is it really a solution and at what cost? All of us have to play our part in understanding the role that Elephants play in the web of our ecosystem. Otherwise, elephants face the grave threat of extinction. Can you imagine an India without elephants?

Images of a warming planet Images of a warming planet Ashley Cooper is an award winning environmental photo journalist. In he decided to organise a speci c climate change photo shoot to Alaska to look at glacial retreat, permafrost melt and increasing forest res.

He returned and quickly started to organise another shoot, this time to look at the impacts of sea level rise on the tiny coral island nation of Tuvalu. War against plastic War against plastic Developed in the 19thcentury, plastics slowly became a part of our everyday lives.Fluoridation's adverse health effects are not recognised by most physicians but they are documented in blind and double-blind studies.

The toxicity of fluoride is increased in people with inadequate nutrition (sub-standard vitamin-mineral intake) or who are immune-compromised (eg., . The reasons for ecological imbalance are associated with the increasing industrialisation, irrational waste of natural resources, deforestation, water pollution — all this because of what ecological disaster is happening.

Ecological balance denotes a system where a stable equilibrium has to be maintained in order to continue its original point of balance including the whole system.

The organism of earth is inert-connected with the environment in flimsy balanced cycle. The sun is considered as the source of energy which is used by plants for the [ ]. Order Now! In summary, this N-P-K Fertilizer: Includes calcium and phosphorus, undoubtedly the most important part of the fertilizer.

Helps plants do everything better, because when plants have sufficient calcium and phosphorus, a whole host of other processes can happen properly.

Solution of ecological imbalance

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We, Talidari artists, propose a new solution to crime by offering a triple action transition formula, one that works on all three levels of the disorder: the source, the symptoms and the, where policy makers and scientists are short of a conclusive fix, artists come forward to offer their take on the matter as well as efficient resolution - the crime cure.

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